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Henrik Bach Nielsen, candidate for IIHF President, releases his top priorities 

03 August 2021

Henrik Bach Nielsen, President of the Danish Ice Hockey Union and Council Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), has published his 1st Line – his five top priorities for the first year, if elected as IIHF President. 

Like any winning team, he is also building strong 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines that combine his ideas and those of IIHF Member National Associations around the world that he is currently in deep conversation with.


His vision is to make ice hockey a truly global sport by breaking down the structural, financial, and mental barriers that have held ice hockey back for so long. His 1st Line is summarized below, while more details can be found in the document linked here:

  1. Target regional development – focusing primarily on Asia and the Balkans.

  2. Increase revenue streams – diversifying our approach to revenue generation and strengthening partnerships.

  3. Create a Super MNA mentor programme –connecting our top six nations (CAN, CZE, FIN, RUS, SWE, USA) with developing nations.

  4. Amplify investment in the women’s game – capturing the global momentum around women’s sport to bring women’s ice hockey to the next level.

  5. Improve environmental impact – reducing energy consumption in ice hockey on a global level by investing in new technologies and teaming up with innovative partners.

Upon release of the 1st Line, Henrik Bach Nielsen said: “I see the opportunity to make international ice hockey truly global and I have an ambitious plan to get us there. With innovative ideas, fresh energy, and new leadership, we will take the IIHF beyond what we ever believed possible.”


The IIHF Member National Associations will vote to decide the new President of the IIHF in September 2021 at the Semi-Annual Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Media contact 

Caroline Anderson

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